Castings Innovation

We are uniquely positioned as the only UK foundry specialising in producing technically challenging thin walled sand castings in all aluminum alloys and a wide range of specialist iron and steel grades.

Our integrated foundry facilities are configured to support you with upfront casting MAGMASOFT engineering and design support, rapid prototype production intent castings manufactured by the latest foundry 3D tool-less sand printing additive technology. Scheduled low volume production of up to 5000 units can be manufactured in our purpose-built automated series foundry for components typically up to 2 metres in size.

Rapid Prototype Castings

Our reputation as the prototype casting leader has been built over years of successfully demonstrating repeatable rapid delivery of superior quality, technically challenging components to Motorsport, OEM and turbocharger industries.

Integrated inhouse management of all process within our purpose-built prototype foundry includes for XE One S-MAX additive manufacturing sand printing, high speed foundry tooling manufacture and the latest computer tomography and digital 3D scanning technology for product qualification guaranteeing only the highest quality without compromise delivered rapidly in days.

Complete 3D mould packages or hybrid tooled assembles with complex geometry cores can be in both a synthetic and silicia medias to an accuracy of +/- 0.3mm producing highly dimensionally consistent castings conforming to DCTG7 casting dimensional tolerances.
The ability to print in differing sand medias allows for a suitable and cost-effective method of producing aluminium and iron alloys from silica and synthetic sand for higher temperature alloys or applications requiring high thermal stress condition or requiring improved cast surface finish for performance.

Thin Wall Specialist Iron & Steel Castings:

Our experience producing castings is not limited to aluminum alloys.  Our capabilities and expertise extend to manufacture of iron and steel alloys including the complete ductile range of SiMo, Ni-Resist, Austenitic irons and Stainless-Steel Grades to 300 kg weight.

The experience of our metallurgists and ferrous methods engineers ensures that each product is engineered to meet their material and design specification.  The application MAGMA Ferrous & Iron simulation software with years of applied process knowledge of using multiple sand medias with high thermal efficiency and permeability, refactory coatings to produce exacting repeatable dimensionally accurate castings with a surface finish of 4Ra.

Our internal heat-treatment and extensive materials laboratory ensures that casting product are processed and qualified to your specification.  Within our laboratory spectrograph chemical analysis, microstructure and tensile mechanical testing is performed by a dedicated team of metallurgist MA qualified.

Light Weight Engineering

Working in partnership with leading global OEM’s, Universities and Casting Industry Intuitions, we are pioneering the development and manufacture of lightweight high strength aluminium structural components.

From extensive research & development, we have pushed the boundaries of sand cast components producing the consistent wall thickness of 2.5mm on structural BiW (Body in White) components up to 2m in length.

To support material innovation towards lightweight powertrain and body structure, we have refined high silicon aluminum alloy series to prototype and low volume sand cast production replicating the geometry and mechanical properties of series High Pressure Die Castings HPDC . From high ductility to high strength elongation of 18% with UTS of 300 MPA.

We are at the forefront of new material evaluation after undertaking development and manufacturing components in A2xx aluminium series aluminium.  Lightweight structures can now be produced repeatable with mechanical properties of carbon steels offering a sustainable and economical alternate to forging and fabrication of aluminium and steel.

Low Volume Series Foundry

Our purpose-built designated series foundry offers flexibility to support initial production phase builds through to scheduled production volumes up to 5000 units.

Typically, our foundry supports low volume production of components where high cast and mechanical integrity, surface finish quality is imperative predominantly for sports-car, luxury vehicle, or defence equipment markets.

Investment into the latest robotic foundry equipment including automated mixers, high speed mould filling and closing stations offer repeatable processing efficiencies for components up to 2 msq. Thermal reclamation of sand improves mould quality of a consistent cast tolerances of +/- 0.2mm and excellent surface finishing ranging from 2RA to 6 RA dependant on size.  This method of sand reclamation offers cost benefits and is environmentally sustainable as 95% of the sand is reclaimed.

Onsite heat-treatment facilities allow for large components to be processed to international or bespoke conditions.  To conform to Aerospace standards and full traceability of product heat-treatment ovens are fitted with probe installation to record and temperature and cycle times.