Design and Engineering

Our engineering team supports your upfront design for manufacture consultancy with unrivalled experience gained from successfully producing high integrity casting components destined for critical high-performance engine, vehicle and defence applications. Extensive continual research and development undertaking both internally and with joint technical partners to employ the latest innovations in casting and material technologies.

The Most Advanced MAGMASOFT 32 Core Casting Simulation

Inhouse application of the most advanced foundry casting simulation software MAGMASOFT combined with the practical knowledge acquired over years of producing some of the most technically challenging component designs supports fully your casting feasibility process even before prototype manufacture.

Utilising MAGMASOFT reduces project development lead times as multiple virtual casting design simulations can be performed together eliminating the need for lengthy foundry validation trials. Our core aims is to maximise the final cast product design whilst ensuring the method is qualified right first time.

Results from our MAGMA simulation offer more than just a tool for analysing solidification, mould filling and defect identification. Simulation results are a powerful tool to support customers finite analysis by accurately predicting residual stresses through the cast component in both the as cast and heat-treated condition.

Our 32Core MAGMA capabilities are the most advanced within the European foundry industry; Simulations can be undertaken in the following areas;

  • Magma Non-Ferrous- Mould fill and solidification and mechanical properties predictions for aluminium castings.
  • MAGMA Steel: defect and mechanical properties predictions for aluminium castings.
  • Magma Iron – defect and mechanical properties predictions for aluminium castings.
  • Magma Stress & Heat-treatment – Residual Stress predictions in the as cast and heat-treated condition.
  • MAGMA Die Casting: Investment to MAGMA Die allows us to look beyond the sand cast process supporting validation of LPHC & HPDC designs.

Foundry Tooling

To maintain control of quality and lead times whilst being reactive to support customer design changes during development, all foundry tooling is manufactured internally. This capability offers the added reassurance that sensitive customer development designs are manufactured with to the strictest confidence.

Continual investment into our pattern making facility allows for close tolerance resin tooling to be high speed multi-axis milled. Should component redesign be required, modifications can be quickly and accurately adapted. Prototype small batch foundry tooling through to suitable production volume of 5000 can be machine cut to rapidly in our facility operating 24 hours per day.

Onsite Additive Manufacturing 3D Sand Printing

Onsite Investment into the latest EX-ONE S Max additive manufacturing sand printing technology enables the rapid manufacture of close tolerance complete sand moulds to be printed up to 1800 x 1000x 700mm directly from customers data within hours of receipt, eliminating the need and cost to manufacture foundry pattern equipment.

Components with complex geometries where previous conventional foundry tooling routes would take up to 6 weeks to manufacture can be printed within hours with tool-less mould packages directly available to be immediately produced in our foundry. Prototype batch of fully dimensionally and material qualified castings can be delivered to your build in under 2 weeks.

Our internal tool-less technology offers flexibility to practically trial design iterations before committing to foundry tooling reducing program lead times and cost. The large print build platform offers the capability to support tool-less production not just development components but also medium volume batches.