Cast Product Validation

Repeatable and consistent defect free castings is achieved by comprehensive technical process control and in house investment into the most advanced CT scanning, digital radiograph and CMM laser technology offering cast integrity and dimensional assurance.

Chemical Analysis & Mechanical Testing

Within our extensive equipped metallurgical & materials laboratory, chemical analysis, microstructure and tensile mechanical testing is performed in accordance to customer specifications.

Our dedicated team of MA qualified metallurgists support our customers and research partners with development of new alloys qualification.  Our laboratory service allows for development alloy trials to be undertaken rapidly in line with product development.

3D Casting Optical Scanning (GOM/Creaform Technologies)

Utilising the latest in 3D laser scanning technology (GOM) Geometric Optical Measurement & Creaform, cast components can be accurately scanned within minutes to produce a 3D CAD model.

This data can then be cross checked against customers native CAD to approve the casting dimensionally. Ahead of CNC machining, castings are aligned to X, Y, Z machined datums pick up points to support best fitting of each component and ensure adequate material on machined faces.

Our 3D CAD models generated from scans play an important part where customers are looking to perform virtual builds offering further assurance that our components can go straight into build.

In House Computer Tomography System

Inhouse Investment into General Electric’s latest Seifert x|cube 32CT scanner technology establishes us as having the most advanced computer tomography with the foundry industry guaranteeing complete casting integrity and dimensional assurance of all components.

CT qualification is central to our NPI validation process of new cast designs and all critical components are 100% scanned to guarantee casting integrity. Unlike other digital radiography, this advanced technology is the first industrial scanner on the market to employ scatter correct fast cone beam scanning to an accuracy of 0.1mm so even micro porosities can be identified.

Large cast components including those with steel wall sections up to 90mm can be rapidly scanned within minutes with an exacting 3D high definition model generated to identify the size, volumes and density of cast inclusion and cavities.Internal geometric and wall thickness measurement can also be qualified without the need to section the casting unlike other conventional CMM technologies.

The commissioning of this technology on the foundry floor guarantees total cast integrity product and rapid resolution of defects. Critical information obtained from this technology also supports our development and knowledge going forward. All scan results are analysed against our MAGMA casting simulations allowing for us to finite calibrate the software for future simulations. These results provide also provide a valuable insight to customers and can also be used as part of FMEA analysis.

Pressure Testing

Casting integrity is also checked using either our air decay or hydrostatically testing in accordance to your technical specifications.

Our engineering team have expertise designing bespoke test fixtures and testing complex multi internal core galleries components such as engine blocks and cylinder heads to repeatable and tight specifications.  All tests are performed to robust process control procedures with leak and test pressure reported for each gallery.