Light Weight

The Brief:

The new Aston Martin DBX luxury car vehicle platform is formed from lightweight bonded aluminium to create a light stable and stiff engineered build designed that offers exceptional dynamics both on and off the road.

The Mission and Challenge:

Finecast foundry the leading supplier of thin wall mechanically enhanced cast aluminium structures are awarded a prestigious contract to develop and design for manufacture the complete range of castings for the new Aston Martin SUV Platform. Each vehicle platform houses 30 CASTINGS of often complex internal & external geometric design of up to 1.5metres square and a typical minimum wall section of 3.5mm.

Aston Martin CastingSuccessful mission completed:

A perfect car build all castings align to each mating component.  stringent material analysis meets with Aston Martin approval. A clear testimony to the unique specialist engineering support Finecast provide for manufacture of light weight superstructures, ranging from concept design to fully finished machined castings.

The Components and Challenges

  • Complete project development initiated from magma finite element analysis simulated design to manufactured castings fully machined and delivered within 25 weeks.
  • Working 24 hours per day 7 days per week, design and create offline Programmes and build jigs and fixtures including casting tooling within our 5 axis Mazak machine house facility.
  • The casting challenge – Large cast final version design components are received and Magma V5 simulated to understand key areas that require potential casting redesign. Finite simulation analysis at this stage as the objective of improving quality of product, material specificati
    on analysis and further reducing manufacturing costs as simple design adaptions save on raw material cost and time to process parts.
  • Close controlled dimensional casting consistency to completely guarantee accurate alignment of castings to mating parts within the SUV platform. This operation is carried out successfully as each component is 100% digitally scanned within set datum points before and following machining operation.
  • High casting integrity to AMS STD 2175 class 1 grade b standard
  • Castings radiographed and CT scanned for review of internal features including internal wall section tolerance.
  • Metallurgical Design Optimization of Material & Heat treatment processed from Magma Virtual Experimentation to guarantee and achieve superstructure material properties.

Aston Martin Casting